Sold & Settled - Delaware Beach Real Estate

Delaware Beach Real Estate Settled Jan. 9- 15!

Congratulations to the new owners of the following coastal Delaware real estate properties. We are proud to have played a part in making your dream of a resort-area property come true.

For more information about these settlements, please contact the listing and/or selling agents.

36364 Azeala Ave., Bayside- listed by Anne & Jen and sold by Valerie Harmke for $300,000

15 Cleveland Ave., South Bethany Harbour- listed by Dayna Feher for $385,000

20338 Charlotte Blvd, Plantation Lakes- sold by Tabatha Moore for $189,990

38774 Grant Ave., Cape Windsor- listed by Cindy Spieczny for $515,000

736 Abigail Circle, Harrington- sold by Bob & Tabatha for $271,5000

Omar Road Lot 1, Frankford- listed by Kae Quilllen for $50,000

Oma Road Lot 2, Frankford- listed by Kae Quillen for $37,000

36221 Tee Box Blvd, Forest Landing- listed by Dayna Feher and sold by Shelby Smith for $310,000