Sold & Settled - Delaware Beach Real Estate

Delaware Beach Real Estate Settled Nov.7- 13!

Congratulations to the new owners of the following coastal Delaware real estate properties. We are proud to have played a part in making your dream of a resort-area property come true.

For more information about these settlements, please contact the listing and/or selling agents.

56156 Cypress Lake Circle, Sea Colony West- sold by Tamy & Anna for $400,000

37171 Harbor Drive, The Pointe at Bethany Beach- sold by Dayna Feher for $250,000

3903 Volley Ct., Sea Colony West- listed by Bill Hand and sold by Tammy & Anna for $128,000

17 Berue Ct., Buntings Mill- listed & sold by Dayna Feher for $325,000

214C October Glory, Bear Trap Dunes- listed and sold by Marc Grimes for $255,000

38313 Amagansy Lane, South Hampton- listed by Tammy Mushrush for $209,000

36093 Blackstone Dr., Bowerset- listed by Robert Kauffman for $45,000

11 E McCabe St., Selbyville- listed by Shannon Smith for $153,000

33103 Whitney Dr., Woodcrest- sold by Kae Quillen for $287,500

210 Hollywood St, Bethany Beach- sold by Steve Alexander for $632,000

216 South Race, Georgetown- sold by Kae Quillen for $133,375