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Why List Your Home For Sale With ResortQuest

Experts in real estate agree, the key to getting a home sold is to price it correctly, then expose it to the most amount of qualified potential purchasers possible.

Here's why we have the exposure part of it covered ...

We have high traffic, high visibility locations, including three on Route 1 in Bethany Beach. We have the ability to expose your property to the thousands of resort travelers that pass through our area each day during the summer. With marquees visible to those traveling both north and south, coming to the resort areas and leaving to go home, we have an enhanced ability to capture those passing through that decide to stop and take a quick peek at what real estate is available.

Buyers are online and we're continuously improving our presence there. With more features and capabilities, and comprehensive, ongoing Internet marketing campaign, we anticipate attracting even more potential buyers to our Web site. Many companies have a third party create their marketing pieces, virtual tours, search marketing and more. In many cases, it is days before your property appears on the Web or is ready to be advertised. Not with ResortQuest Real Estate. Your property is handled with the expertise of our dedicated experienced in house marketing staff.

Resorts are our specialty! People often buy resort real estate for completely different reasons than other types of real estate. We have been selling in the Bethany Beach resort area for more 30 years. We know 1031 exchanges, investment income and expenses, and can refer potential customers to a wide selection of experts in the field of law and accounting to answer every question.

Additionally, there are ResortQuest offices in resort destinations across the country. This gives us the opportunity to give your property national exposure through our Web site and our ResortQuest referral network. We have more than 880 vacation rental homes. Each year 55,000-plus rental guests pass through our doors and each one is a potential buyer of your property.

In addition to the new exposure your property receives, we maintain a local database of more than 60,000 income qualified buyers. With our extensive Web site, comprehensive tracking and acquisition of qualified buyers, few others can give your property such expert exposure.

To price your home correctly, we will gather and share with you the most up to date information available. Taking into consideration not only homes that have sold, but the prevailing market factors, inventories of similar homes, interest rates and other economic variables like your particular home's location and features.

We pledge to communicate with you as the market continues to evolve so you always have the information you need to make an informed decision on pricing your property. Our goal is to help you sell your resort-area home as quickly as possible and for the maximum sales price the market will bear.

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